EasyPay Standard

EasyPay Standard

Designed for small businesses and startups in Gibraltar.

If you are looking for an easy, fast, accurate and cost effective way to run payroll for your Gibraltar business then check out EasyPay Standard. Suitable for companies with less than 10 employees.

If you use an existing solution, you may be able to import your historical data and get running straight away.

Priced at £70 per year

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EasyPay Professional

EasyPay Professional

For businesses, larger than 10 employees, we recommend EasyPay Professional.

This version encompasses all of the features of EasyPay Standard plus a lot more time saving payroll and HR features. For example, more comprehensive employee records for HR, multi-currency, benefits in kind payments and leave record management.

EasyPay Professional is priced by the number of employees in your organisation.

Priced from £165 per year

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EasyPay Enterprise

EasyPay Enterprise

For organisations with over 250 employees, we offer EasyPay Enterprise.

Ideally suited for payroll bureaus and organisations with busy payroll & HR departments, this version of EasyPay supports additional high end features.

Features such as unlimited number of employee records, audit logging, high end server support for improved stability, performance and recovery options. We also offer support agreements for additional protection and to offset operational risks.

Price on application.

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EasyPayV19.27 Update – April Payroll & COVID-19

The Gibraltar Government has announced a number of COVID-19 measures to help businesses through this difficult period. The majority of measures were announced in the Chief Minister’s speech on March 24th. The full speech can be found at this link  We have just released an EasyPay update, V19.27, to help with the new measures. In

EasyPay V18.71 Update

This new update contains a number of important changes and bug fixes. We recommend that all customers upgrade at their convenience. New Features & Significant Changes Added ability to set up companies as STANDARD or PROFESSIONAL interface within a Professional or Enterprise system. Added the option to predefine tax calculation method for each transaction type.

EasyPay V18.62 Update

We have released a series of updates this month with a few new bug fixes. We recommend that all customers upgrade at their convenience. New Features & Significant Changes Added ETB Form – Notification Of Detached Worker. Added additional fields for details of company employing Detached Worker – needed for Notification form. Significant revision to

EasyPay V18.55 Update

We have released a minor update this month, with a collection of minor improvements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to update. You can update automatically from within the software or by downloading the latest update from the downloads section of this website. New Features & Changes Updated P10 (Benefit In Kind) form to

EasyPay V18.43 & The Budget 2019

The Chief Minister announced the Budget yesterday in the Gibraltar Parliament on Monday 10th June 2019. From a payroll perspective, there was not much change. The full Budget speech is available here. There is a small change to tax for anyone earning up to £11,450. These people will no longer pay any tax. Previously people

EasyPay V18.11

We have just released EasyPay V18.11, we would recommend that all users upgrade automatically to the latest version. You can update by going to Check For Updates under the help menu. Over the last few months there have been a number of important updates to Gibraltar Tax and Social Insurance rates. The latest version also