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EasyPay is the result of over 20 years experience in the field developing and supporting payroll software throughout Gibraltar. To date it remains the most comprehensive payroll and Human Resources software package available for Gibraltar business

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EasyPay has a wide range of accounting, payroll and human resources reports.

It produces all the reports a payroll officer will need to carry out the payroll.

It also produces all the essential forms required for submission to the Gibraltar Income Tax office, Employment & Training Board and Social Insurance departments.


Import Facilities

If you are upgrading from another payroll system to EasyPay, we have made it simpler than ever to get up and running with your payroll.

As of version 7.30, EasyPay has a very easy to use import facility that allows you to quickly set up a company and its employees. 

Software Technology

EasyPay is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Windows from 2000 through to Windows 7. Based on SQL Server technology it offers a fast, flexible and comprehensive way to manage large amounts of employee information. Whether a small company of 5 employees, or an enterprise of 1000s, EasyPay can help!

EasyPay Winter Update 2018

We have continued to release further updates over the last few months to roll out additional features to all users. We would like to ask that all customers update to Version 17.80 at their convenience.

In summary, the top changes are:

1.  There is a new button called Remittances on the payroll screen to access the Tax Remittance and Social Insurance log. This log enables users to track tax, social insurance and tax arrears payments to the tax office each month.

2. We have added a new button to the Remittances section to automatically produce the SI Credit Application form. This allows small companies and startups to claim a credit on social insurance payments of £100 per employee per annum.

3. As most frequently requested, we have finally enabled Reminders! Users now have the option to enable a reminder on any task they set in the system.

4. There is now the option for automated Leave Reference numbering. This feature can be turned on in Company settings.

5.  In User Rights, there is now the option to restrict viewing and amendment of employee payment information to specific staff (non-payroll). This was requested by the auditors of several customers in the Gaming industry.

6.  Added redunancy payment details to the contract section and a new option to print the form to report the redundancy payment to the Tax Office.

7. An updated shift and rota system now caters for the needs of the more complicated Gibraltar Government departments. 

8. Multiple improvements to the Attendance Related Pay features, calculations and reporting.

9.  New option to email employee reports and documents to the employee by encrypted email with just one click.

10. 15 new reports which include Leave By Ref, Leave By Date, Credit Card Assignment, Staff Vehicles Assignment, Simple Journals By Departments, Contract List (Metrics) reports.

11. We have added an option for the batch import of letters into the document management system. This includes a feature to automatically email all the employees the letters with PDF encryption at the same time.

12. We have updated the EasyPay backend to support a wider range of SQL Server configurations for our Enterprise customers. These changes in particular include support for Integrated Authentication and SQL Server 2017 features.

13. Wide range of performance improvements and bug fixes. These include compatibility fixes for recent updates to Windows 10. 

EasyPay Autumn Update 2017

New updates have been released over the last few months to roll out new features, improvements and minor bug fixes. All customers are iinvited to upgrade to EasyPay V17.50.

The biggest changes have been:

1. Updates to Government forms for the Employment service and Tax Office. These include P8, P10 and P12 for next year.

2. We've rolled out a major performance update. EasyPay tracks changes more intelligently in order to reduce database operations. There is a significant performance improvement for the Audit module for our Enteprise customers. The EasyPay audit module tracks all changes to information stored in the database and offers detailed reporting options.

3. There is a new revised screen to handle Benefits In Kind. It is now easy to track and report on these expenses to the Tax Office.

4. For Enterprise customers, there is a new data viewer. This provides a convenient, flexible and easy way for these customers to analyse or export information from the database.

5. A revised letter for the Spanish Tax Authorities with some improvements. EasyPay now stored the Spanish NIF/NIE number for each employee - as well as dual nationality details.

6. We have updated the system with one new tapering rule adjustment which was revealed when the latest Government Tax tables were published last month. A very slight adjustment to a narrow range of salaries between 12k and 15k. 

7. Added 25 new reports such as Upcoming Terminations Report, Line Managers reports, Home Addresses Report, additional Contract Lists Reports, Work Permit Application Form, Work Permit Renewal Form, Attendance Related Pay reports and more!

8. Improvements to more than 40 existing reports! 


Important Gibraltar Tax Update June 2017

Further to the Chief Minister's annual Budget Address in Parliament yesterday, there are a number of small changes to tax which take effect from 1st July 2017. We would therefore like to ask all customers to upgrade to EasyPay V17.27, released earlier this afternoon, which incorporates the changes announced so far.  This update also includes updated Government forms such as the P12 and P8 for the upcoming tax year.

This year's Budget Address included a number of measures and announcements, but did not introduce many new changes that affect payroll. The main change for Payroll was a slight increase of the Low Income Earners allowance. People earning up to £11,150, on either tax system - GIBS (Gross Income Based System) or ABS (Allowance Based System) - will now pay no tax. Previously this figure was £11,050.

In addition for those people on the ABS tax system, many of the allowances have been effectively adjusted up by the rate of inflation (around 2.75%). Those staff members on the ABS system will be issued new tax codes by the tax office in the next two months for them to receive a slight reduction in tax. Staff on the GIBS tax system are not affected.

There were no further changes or increases to Social Insurance although the Government stated it is committed to further social insurance changes over the next few years.

We are expecting a slight revision to the official tax tables to be issued by late July / August. If we learn about any further changes, then these will be incorporated into an EasyPay update as soon as possible. We recommend that EasyPay customers upgrade regularly over the next two months to ensure that they benefit from any updates over the coming weeks.

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Sales & Support

EasyPay is available for all major operating systems, in particular Microsoft Windows and Apple OS X.

EasyPay can be purchased from two resellers in Gibraltar with over 20 years of payroll experience; Rock IT Limited and Mediterranean Computer Services Limited.

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