EasyPay V18.22 Update – Annual Employment and Gender Pay Surveys

Employers are receiving a letter by post, from 24/10/18, to notify them that the Gibraltar Government Statistics Office has updated the existing annual Employment Survey form. The survey forms are mandatory and must be sent in to the statistics office by mail or email prior to Friday 2nd November 2018.

The form is mostly the same but requires employers to report payroll statistics for an earlier week in October than previous annual surveys. An additional Gender Pay Gap Survey is attached for Employers with more than 20 employees. These employers are required to fill in this new survey for the Ministry of Equality, who are committed to raising awareness and implementing measures to reduce the gender pay gap in Gibraltar.

We have released an update, EasyPay V18.22, this morning to update the existing Employment Survey and  include the new Gender Pay Gap Survey. These reports may be found in the Payroll screen, under Company Reports.

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