EasyPay V18.55 Update

We have released a minor update this month, with a collection of minor improvements and bug fixes. All customers are recommended to update. You can update automatically from within the software or by downloading the latest update from the downloads section of this website.

New Features & Changes
Updated P10 (Benefit In Kind) form to include the new tax rates.
Added Contract History report.
Added Pensions and P12 Form to EasyPay Standard.
Added an option to export Employee Bank Details in full to Excel.
Added a new field to the leave screen, which a user can tick to indicate if the leave taken is outside of Gibraltar.
Added option to export employee records to Excel. Similar format to import employees from Excel.
Multiple updates to Gibraltar Government department Shifts, Time Cards and rates functionality.

Minor Improvements & Bug Fixes:
Added a few Gibraltar Government websites and reorganised links under help.
Wider columns on Company YTD Report
Changed Payslip history to show payroll type.
Added additional filtering for invalid characters to EQ Payment fields.
Added Bank Address Line 3 to bank lookup.
Updated Terms Of Engagement form for the Employment Service
Fixed a bug affecting payslip history only present in Version 18.45
Fixed a bug which affected one customer when adding an employee. It caused index out of range error when clicking a button to add a new employee.
Fixed a bug adding an employee, after closing a window where multiple employee windows feature is turned on.
Fixed a bug where changing the bank on an employee record did not register as a record update and therefore did not save.
Fixed an issue where adding a contract did not update contract end date for previous contract.
Fixed an issue in standard version, where contract end date not set.
Changed EasyPay so that if you try to run a second copy, it will change focus to existing application.
Fixed a possible issue with the way end of month / week updates the payslip form, which may have triggered the “tax code is blank” error message infrequently.

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