EasyPay V18.62 Update

EasyPay V18.62

We have released a series of updates this month with a few new bug fixes. We recommend that all customers upgrade at their convenience.

New Features & Significant Changes
Added ETB Form – Notification Of Detached Worker.
Added additional fields for details of company employing Detached Worker – needed for Notification form.
Significant revision to Gibraltar Goverment department time cards functionality.

Minor Updates & Bug Fixes
Amended descriptions on Employee record for Gibraltar Resident and Detached Worker.
Added Hotel and Restaurant to Nature Of Business drop down in Company Settings.
Added an extra check to prevent people from running the end of year routine too soon.
Added %N option for Employee Name to be included in email subject and body.
Added %S option for Employee Surname to be included in email subject and body.
Added Useful Government Telephone Numbers option to the Help Menu.
Fixed an issue with saving blank payslip notes on payslips.
Fixed an issue editing Task Categories.
Fixed bug with specifying minutes in the Audit Viewer Date controls.
Minor improvements to Employment Survey 2019.
Fixed a bug with Task Search for All Users assigned.
Added a short message to indicating remaining characters left on Task dialog, payslip note, employee termination details and termination payment.
Fixed an issue where a document was not saved, if you added the document then viewed without clicking to saving it.
The Tax Remittance Slip for the cashier has been updated. The tax payment no longer includes tax arrears. This must be paid seperately with the tax arrears report.
Added VE Day Holiday for 2020 and updated May Day to 01/05/20
Added Bank Holidays for 2021

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